Spooky Birthday Bitch Q&A Part I: Podcast Episode 45

You guys sent way more Q’s than I expected! So here’s a slew of A’s for these Q’s and I’ll answer the rest in an upcoming Part II. Major thanks to everyone who has been along for this wonderfully horrific journey. My little black heart swells and you make this all so much fun. Grateful for each and every one of you creepy creeps.

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Gayly Helpful: We All HAve Scissor Hands Pride Fundraiser

This is the most personal thing I’ve ever shared publicly and the support so far has been wildly overwhelming. I hope these words find their way to whoever may need to read them.


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Queer Horror Panel – The Characters We Identified With

Happy Pride! Today I’m joined by an entirely kickass panel of creators I greatly admire, talking about queer representation in horror. Specifically – where we saw ourselves, the characters we identified with and how those options have (slightly) broadened.

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(I’ll give you my answer to the question I posed to this awesome panel in my Gayly Helpful article later this month)

Happy Pride 2021!

Happy Pride from your friendly neighborhood horror girl, proudly putting the L in LGBTQ+

All month long Gayly Dreadful is running Gayly Helpful with loads of guest writers and Twitch streamers, raising money for The Transgender Law Center, two new articles a day so be sure to check that out and donate if you can! I’ll have an article there later this month and am excited to check out everyone else’s work.

Fangoria Pride Shirts are now up on the Fright Rags website, limited edition tie dye shirts are selling out fast, and the classic pride shirt is available for pre-order until 6/8. I’m also giving one away on Twitter on 6/7 so check Twitter for entry details.

Goodnight Darling Delivers Hard Hitting Horror In Under Six Minutes

It’s bedtime, but something is amiss. “Goodnight Darling” stars AnnaSophia Robb (The Act, the upcoming Dr. Death series) Vivien Blair (Bird Box), and Lauren Bowles (How To Get Away with Murder, True Blood), directed by Adam Azimov, and shot by DP Pawel Pogorzelski (Midsommar, Hereditary).

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Harbinger – An Original Screenplay By Marco Mannone Offering A New Perspective On An Old Favorite

I had the privilege of reading this script and it’s one of those concepts that is so perfect it seems it should have been done a thousand times before. The best ideas tend to feel this way, and the best ideas tend to have me kicking myself for not thinking to do the seemingly obvious. Fully experienced both of these while reading. Marco’s script oozes with heart, and while it does pay tribute to all the beloved slashers so close to our collective horror-loving-hearts, it delivers a hell of a lot more than nostalgia. By the end, I was choked up and my heart strings had been effectively tugged. Can’t wait to see the kill scenes on screen. Take a look at this pitch video and let the excitement commence.

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