Podcast Episode Twenty Eight: Shooketh By Shook

In this HorrorGirl quickie we are diving into the deep end of technology and social media terrors with Jennifer Harrington’s new movie. Shook is now streaming on Shudder. (Don’t fuck with puppies)


Horror Fans Help OUt: Texas – List of Places To Donate

If you’re looking for ways to help from afar here are various reputable resources I’ve come across- mutual aids, non-profits, etc. Not endorsing any of these, just simply passing along the info assuming you will do your own research before donating. Feel free to message me with more.

Austin Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid Houston

Feed The People Dallas

Houston Food Bank

Austin Disaster Relief Network

Lucha Dallas Venmo @luchadallas

The Way Home

Austin Area Urban League

Funky Town Fridge

Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley

This is a GoFundMe for a family in Texas who lost their home as a neighbor in the building lit a fire to keep warm. The fire spread from that apartment, across the building. Sarah Jane’s Apartment Building Fire

Texas Welfare Check Phone Bank – Beto O’ Rourke is running a virtual welfare check phone bank, calling seniors and helping them find resources to safely get through the next few days. Feb 18th 1-9PM CT (join any time)

In Search Of Darkness Part II: More Than “Gruesome Stupidity”

Beloved horror icons talking about beloved 80’s horror classics. That’s enough to sell me on this, but if you need more reasons…

If you’re a fan of In Search of Darkness, this is a no-brainer. If you haven’t yet seen In Search of Darkness but you’re a fan of 80s horror, go watch In Search of Darkness and then watch In Search of Darkness II (You can actually even watch the second one first if that tickles your fancy). If the first movie was a primer to 80s horror, this extension allows for a deeper dive into some more beloved classics, covered by interviews with equally beloved horror icons.

This sequel is a seamless continuation of the original installment. Basically there was way too much good shit to fit into the four hour original, so now we get a second installment. And in no way do these feel like “leftovers” or something cobbled together off the cutting room floor. It’s every bit as enjoyable as the first.

Also….. THERE’S A WHOLE GIALLO SEGMENT *cue technicolor head explosion* That in itself is reason enough for me, but there is truly so much wonderfully great stuff here.

In Search of Darkness Part II is running a flash sale through midnight, Valentine’s Day, so hashtag treat yo’ self and snag this sweet package! 80shorrordoc.com

In Search of Darkness: Part II Flash Sale Package includes:

  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Blu-ray w/ slipcase, reversible cover label, and booklet
  • 3 exclusive In Search of Darkness: Part II posters (16.5” x 23.4”)
  • Collectible enamel pin (while supplies last)
  • In Search of Darkness: Part II digital edition
  • In Search of Darkness digital edition
  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Soundtrack and score (digital download)
  • ISOD Discord Community season pass


And here’s an interview with Fangoria’s Editor in Chief Phil Nobile Jr. chatting with Director David Weiner about ’80s horror and part 2 of the IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS documentary:

Episode Twenty Seven: The Vanishing At Cecil Hotel

It’s a true crime episode today, as we talk about the new Netflix documentary Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel, which centers on the 2017 case of Elisa Lam. A few exciting announcements for you, also I have strong feelings about Valentine’s Day.
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Latest Fangoria Convo chatting with the lovely and legendary Barbara Crampton , Sophie Stevens, and Ludovic Hughes from SACRIFICE.

Final Girls Berlin (Virtual) Film Festival Feb 4th-7th

Final Girls Berlin Film Festival showcases horror cinema that’s directed, written, or produced by women and non-binary filmmakers. While the features are geo-locked to Germany there is a slew of excellent content in the short film programs. Individual ticket blocks are just under $8 USD, you can also purchase an international pass for about $25 USD which will give you access to the entire slate of shorts programming. You have the option to watch the live stream of each shorts block with a filmmaker Q&A, or purchase your ticket and you’ll have 22 hours to start the stream.

The Cyber Horror shorts block is now expired, but you still have time to get in on Isolation Horror – Cabin Fever, Revenge Horror – An Eye For An Eye, Young Blood and Comedy Horror – Busting A Gut. If the fresh and original content in the Cyber Horror block is any indication of the caliber of talent awaiting in the remaining shorts programs- you definitely do not want to sleep on this.

Also lots of cool, free panels and events to check out as well!

Head over to Final Girls Berlin and get your tickets now.

From Final Girls Berlin:
** Our definition of women includes anyone with female experience –past or present– and is trans-inclusive. Anyone who feels addressed by the term is welcome to submit their films to the festival. **

Celebrating The Godmother of Goth – Mary Shelley: A Nightmare Wakes Episode Twenty Six

In this week’s HorrorGirl Quickie we are celebrating the Godmother of Goth! The one and only, Mary Shelley. Talkin’ about Nora Unkel’s gothic drama A Nightmare Wakes, which focuses on Shelley’s life during her creation of Frankenstein– now streaming on Shudder. Also talking about the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival going on riiiinowwww!

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Podcast Episode Twenty Four: Dario Argento’s Phenomena

Happy Giallo January and welcome to Swiss Transylvania! (Wow, it’s windy here and the music is really really good.) Suspiria is one of my favorite movies of all time so today we are diving into the other “is it a giallo/is it not?” Argento classic… Phenomena. No, I’m not breaking down whether or not either of these movies are giallo, just simply celebrating the weird wacky wonderfulness of Phenomena. Let’s gooooo!

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Episode Twenty Three: Harbingers Of Joy Best of 2020

Very excited about this episode! Best of 2020: Harbingers of joy, with a whole lotta’ help from some very special fiends. Audio podcast version will be up later, video is live on the YouTubes:

Surprise! And Happy New Year. In the first episode of the new year we dive into my top ten picks of 2020 with a whole lotta’ help from some very wonderful fiends. Familiar faces and all the horrific goodness abound! Rent + Stream any blind spots on this list! Guaranteed good time.

And give these fine folks a follow, each has an incredible body of work to dive into:

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“Hunted” – Vincent Paronnaud’s Modern Maximum Revenge-Riff On Little Red Riding HooD Now On Shudder

Vincent Paronnaud’s (PERSEPOLIS) Hunted hits Shudder today. Some solid cosplay inspo here in this modified mutation of Little Red Riding Hood.

What starts out as a chilling campfire tale being relayed to a kid looking like he might shit his pants, leads into real world, present day protagonist and Little Red Riding Hood-esque, Eve. We are first introduced to Eve on the job, immediately followed by a call from her boss who patronizes her for presumably not being “hard enough” on getting the crew to meet deadlines and offering to send a male cohort to get-the-job-done. After a rough day at work, our girl his the bar for a drink. The truly terrifying part of this movie for me was Eve navigating through the city as an independent woman who can very much hold her own and the multiple encounters she thwarts with lecherous leering wolves in the form of men slinking about. Eve is smart, savvy – but we are in a horror film after all.

Not to spoil anything, but this is a revenge tale so we can assume that 1) at some point shit goes sideways for Eve 2) at some point the tables turn. And were you wagering on these two points, you would be a bit richer right now. Once shit goes sideways, a relentless hunt ensues and the wolf in sheep’s clothing is even more heinous than one could have suspected. More vile than vile and we want terrible things to happen to him. It gets real grindhousey somewhere around here. The tables turn. And turn again. And then once more. And maybe a few times hence. Relentlessly beating the absolute shit out of these characters.

There is a shocking moment that had me sort of screaming at the screen. I don’t really know how we were intended to feel about it but I screamed and did one of those sort of inappropriate shock induced giggling bits. There’s a real Braveheart moment that looks super cool, possibly also a nod to another French film Pierrot le Fou– but the way it comes about was another moment that took me out of the story a little bit on account of scratching my head a bit. Geography is not my strong point but there is a segment involving woods, corn fields and then suddenly BAM civilization seemingly much closer than it should be. Much of the film is heavily grounded in reality, so slightly fantastical elements (and I don’t mean magic but more along the lines of characters appearing and vanishing or seemingly geographic inconsistencies) is a bit jarring. Maybe it’s a fever dream and we are working on an acid trip of a timeline and geography at this juncture. Just go with it.

By the end of the film, things are looking quite gorgeous and feral and some gruesome shit has been consumed. Lucie Debay as Eve is a treat to watch as she becomes abso-fucking-lutely unhinged and feral and Arieh Worthalter as the (formerly) charming maniac is truly terrifying. While I wish there were some plot points that carried to further fruition and I was pulled out of it a bit at times, it was an enjoyable watch. Some of the things alluded to aren’t totally ignored, I just personally would have loved to see them really at the forefront for the payoff. Feminist revenge horror, comeuppance, reclaiming your power, returning to your roots, punctuated with grindhouse level gore… all good shit.

Stream Hunted now on Shudder

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