Castle Rock: Jackie Torrance Potential Season Two Plotline?

I am nerding out sooo hard right now! If you haven’t finished Castle Rock, don’t read this. While the finale left me not entirely fulfilled, it was still a fun show and interesting enough for a recommended watch. Especially for King fans, half the fun was spotting Easter eggs along the way…


The best of these gems comes in the form of a mid-credits clip where my favorite character of the season, Jackie Torrance hints at what could maaaybe be a possible plot line for season two?!?

In the fifth episode of the season, Jackie hangs out with The Kid, and we learn she is the niece of the one and only Jack Torrance, cousin of Danny Torrance. Jackie has a fascination with the macabre, maybe embedded in that Torrance DNA? In episode 8, Jackie saves Henry from the murderous Murder Mystery bed and breakfast couple by burying an axe in Gordon’s skull. A nice nod to axe wielding maniac, Uncle Jack. In the end credits, she references the incident in a piece she is typing up on her laptop, reading aloud to Dean Merrill:

“The axe felt right in my hand, but let me tell you when I heard the pop of a skull giving up its secrets, felt the root and stem of a cleft brain stopping the blade, I realized where that axe belonged. Dead center of the good professor’s head.”

“It’s… it’s like a horror, or whatever?”

“That’s pretty reductive.”

“I don’t get the title. ‘Overlooked’. Who’s Overlooked?”

“Backstory. You know. Ancient history. It’s family history. I’m actually headed out west on a research trip next month. The best place to finish a book is where it started. I read that somewhere.”

Could season two take us to The Overlook and follow Jackie’s aspiring writer exploits as she follows in Uncle Jack’s footsteps? I sure as hell hope so.

Just don’t work too hard on that novel, Jackie. All work and no play makes Jackie a dull girl.

Uncle Jack


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