Blumhouse NAILED ITTT! Halloween (2018)


Halloween 2018 essentially obliterates the sequels and takes it back to the original storyline….picking up 40 years later. And it worked beautifully. Without encroaching on spoiler territory, I will only say there are some really nice shots paralleled and referenced, along with some cool easter eggs for fans of the franchise. A little bit of final girl Sydney Prescott vibes a la Scream 3, but just a teeny tiny dash. It wasn’t cheesy, there are some moments where the dread really builds, a few cringe worthy moments, some nice one liners, (“you are so getting dry fucked tonight” was probably my favorite because this is just who I am as a person and I’ve accepted it), and a whole lot of badassery. A few nice little call backs to some familiar thematic elements from Halloween 1978, homage heaven.

This movie was clearly not a case of a franchise getting tossed into the reboot machine and fucked unrecognizable. This is the exact opposite. Clearly carefully and most importantly, lovingly crafted by fans of Carpenter’s ’78 classic. True to the core and the spirit of what made it a classic in the first place. Bravo, Blumhouse.

If you’re a fan of Halloween, you’ll be giddy from the opening sequence all the way through the whole glorious thing. With Carpenter doing the score and the care and attention paid here, makes this a really really fun ride.

Video Review up on the Tube


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