Horror Happenings March 2019

Your most humble HorrorGirl is presently on a gig that requires being away for most of the week. This translates to less horror viewing and waaaay less horror related event attendances. So, do me a favor. Use this calendar to let me live vicariously through you until I’m back at it full force. And if you tell me about your experience attending one of these events, I’m sure it will help to soothe some of the aching in this little black heart. Missing all you creeps immensely.

Click links for tickets and info

March 19th

Slumber Party Massacre/Sorority House Massacre Double Feature @ The New Beverly. Online tix sold out, but still some tix available @ the door. 7:30pm


March 13th 

8pm Wednesday Night Thrillers: Sleepaway Camp @ Phantom Carriage. Movie is free, delicious beer is not.


March 9th –

11am-12pm Beer + Yoga @ Phantom Carriage 

2pm-12am Boris + Bela Universal Horrors in 35mm @ The Egyptian

7pm-11pm Reign of Terror Haunted House. Halloween in March! I look forward to this all year and it’s for a great cause. Click the link on the calendar for info and tickets. Essentially, Reign of Terror runs its full haunt and donates ticket sales to an animal charity. Help the animals and help yourself through that seven month slump ’till Halloween. Win-win-win.


Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 6.30.36 PM


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