HorrorGirl Happenings April 15th – April 21st: Dolores Roach, Child’s Play Trailer, Society + Bride of Reanimator Screening + Blumhouse is Taking Over the World

Newsworthy Noteworthy Tidbits:

Elisabeth Moss to star in Universal’s The Invisible Man reboot.

Sony’s Screen Gems is partnering with Ground Control to create a dedicated “horror lab”. The idea is to “collaborate with up-and-coming filmmakers to produce horror shorts with the primary goal of developing this new, original content into feature films.” So get your horror concepts ready! Yes, I’m yelling at myself. And my filmmaker friends. Check out the official press release for all the info.

Blumhouse acquires rights to TV adaptation of The Horror of Dolores Roach podcast. 
The eight episode long podcast, “a chilling tale of survival, revenge and… empanadas” will be coming to the small screen courtesy of Blumhouse television. Described as a Sweeney Todd-esque horror story with bigger themes of gentrification and betrayal, sounds like it transcends being strictly fun horror and crosses over into the realm of brilliant relevance. The podcast’s writer/director, Aaron Mark will also be writing for the TV adaptation of the series, with podcast star Daphne Rubin-Vega serving as a consulting producer. This is the first I’ve heard of the podcast, but now I am insanely intrigued. Eight episodes, each under 30 minutes… binge time NOW.

Sam Raimi producing a project for screen gems. The story centers on a bride and will be written by Hell Fest writer, Blair Butler. Full Hollywood Reporter article here

New Blumhouse flick hits Netflix. On the tail of Mercy Black release from two weeks ago, “Thriller” is the latest offering from Blumhouse, streaming now.

New issue of Fangoria is in mailboxes and newsstands, with Lupita Nyong’o gracing the cover as her character Red from Jordan Peele’s Us. If you’re not already a subscriber… whyyyyy?


childs-play-chucky-in-childs-play_rgbOrion Pictures’ Child’s Play reboot trailer officially dropped this week to some seriously mixed reception. Giving all these reboots a shot, trying to go in with an open mind. Sometimes they disappoint, (*ahem, Pet Sematary*) and sometimes they delight, (IT). Do I have a crush on Aubrey Plaza? Sure. Is it weird to think of her as Andy’s Mom? Sure. Does Chucky’s face look a little weird? Yeah. Am I gonna keep an open mind and give it a go and check it out anyhow? Of course.

Do This:


Party like it’s 1989 with a Brian Yuzna double bill. If you’re in the LA area, Friday Night Frights presents a disgustingly fun double feature- Society and Bride of Reanimator, 4/19. Society is relatively slow moving but the payoff is so outrageously “what the fucking actual fuck” that I would sit through double the length of the film to get to it. This is one that I feel is slightly under the radar, or maybe I was just late to the game. I found it on Amazon a couple years back and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’ve been dying to host a horror night to make my friends watch it,  Joe Bob screened it last weekend, it’s shocking and grotesque in all the most wonderfully fun ways. Go watch it on the big screen if you’re able to. 7:30pm, $12 get your tix here 


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