The Coolest Shit Coming Out of Cannes 2019

This year’s Cannes Film Festival is serving up a good amount of genre fair. Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die opened up the festival, and here are some of the other highly anticipated horrors I’m eagerly awaiting the wide release of:

The Lighthouse – In 2015 Robert Eggers invited us to live deliciously in his atmospheric slow burning horror, The Witch. There’s not much being said about the plot of his newest offering, The Lighthouse, aside from it was shot on 35mm black and white. How’s that for dark and moody and fantastic AF. I hope we all get to go in pretty blindly.



Little Joe – Sounds like a sophisticated modern sci-fi Little Shop of Horrors, told through a story centered on a family drama element. I could be totally wrong. It’s listed as a “British-Austrian” drama, and the few screen caps I’ve seen look pretty gorgeous.


Zombi Child – French filmmaker Bertrand Bonello takes it back to classic Haitian zombie roots, which is pretty rare in modern zombie horror. White Zombie started us off here, and Romero turned the genre on its head and launched the forever prevalent zombie tropes we all know and love. The Serpent and the Rainbow, oh and don’t forget Weekend at Bernie’s brought it back to Haitian style zombies, but as a whole Hollywood is really geared more towards the zombies by radiation and virus exposure type of plots. Curious to see what Bonello does with the Haitian lore.


Parasite – South Korean entry from filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho (Okja, The Host). He’s not saying much about the plot, so this is another one I’m sort of excited to enter into pretty blindly.


Bacurau – I can’t say for sure whether this Brazilian film will fall under the “horror” umbrella. It sounds like it may actually be in several genres, but sci-fi or slasher/horror might be on that list. So here it is.


The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil – This is straight up a South Korean action crime film, not horror. But it looks super fun and go watch the trailer and tell me that color treatment doesn’t do something for you. *insert heart eyes emoji*. Looks like the sort of thing Tarantino gets a serious boner for and hey, might even remake at some point!

the gangster the cop the devil.jpg



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