Summer of Screams 2019


It’s maximum melting weather for us baby vamps, but not to worry… here’s an array of climate controlled activities (many involving darkened theaters), to keep the spooky spirit alive all summer long. Your humble Horrorgirl is LA based, so aside from nationwide movie release dates… this list is tailored for you SoCal Creeps:

June 13thThe Dead Don’t Die Release Date
Family Goals Art Show @ Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum on display through late July

June 15thCinematic Void Presents Camp Void @ The Egyptian. 6-Film Marathon: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Meatballs Part II, Humanoids From the Deep, Tourist Trap, The Hills Have Eyes

Takashi Mike’s Audition Presented by Secret Movie Club @ The Vista

June 19th – House of 1000 Corpses @ Phantom Carriage Wednesday Night Thrillers

June 21’st – Backyard Movie Night: Sleepaway Camp @ Sugarmynt Gallery                      Child’s Play Release Date

June 22nd – Last Day to catch the Hocus Pocus Exhibition @ Sugarmynt Gallery

June 26th – Annabelle Comes Home Release Date
Deep Red @ Phantom Carriage Wednesday Night Thrillers

June 29th – Stranger Things Carnival takeover @ Santa Monica Pier

Hocus Pocus Screening + Q&A w/ Production Designer William Sandell @ Sugarmynt Gallery

Foolish Mortals Haunted Mansion Tribute Exhibition Starts @ Sugarmynt Gallery, runs through August 17th

July 3rd – Midsommar Release Date

July 4th– Stranger Things Season 3

July 7th- Return of the Living Dead + Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2  in 35mm presented by Cinematic Void/American Cinematheque 7:30pm @ The Egyptian

July 13- Rated R Speakeasy

July 13th-14th – Terror Market @ Sugarmynt Gallery

July 19th – Phantom of the Paradise on 35mm Presented by Secret Movie Club @ The Vista

June 21st- Nightmare Cinema Release Date

August 3rd + 4th – Midsummer Scream Long Beach

August 8th-Sept1st – Sinister Pointe’s Spirit Lounge interactive horror themed pop-up bar (Thanks to Vamp Jenn for letting me know about this one!)

August 9th – Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark Release Date

As always, if you have cool shit to add leave a comment, slide into the DM’s @itsanhel or send an email:


2 thoughts on “Summer of Screams 2019”

    1. I was out of town for the Family Goals opening night reception and still need to make my way over there to check it out! Such a fan of all their exhibits. Super excited to see it. I’ve still never been to Sinister Pointe! The pop-up sounds awesome, I’ll add it in, thanks for letting me know!

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