HBO’s Los Espookys es Los Maravillosa (o?)

los espookys

Give me a telenovela-esque base, but make it funny. And make it spooky. BAM enter Los Espookys, courtesy of comedy writers Ana Fabrega, Julio Torres and Fred Armisen.

Los Espookys opens on the quiñceanera of my dreams. Eyeball cupcakes, dry ice, blood, guts, severed hand gags, SFX laden, and it’s a ridiculously fun ride from there. Did I cry laugh? No. But I did laugh out loud multiple times and have total appreciation for what they’re doing with this show. Ana Fabrega is so odd and so wildly entertaining as Tati. The whole ensemble comes together in a really fun way, for horror nerds and comedy fans alike.


Mi español va a mejorar totalmente este verano. Gracias, Los Espookys!

And if you’re in LA, Los Espookys live is coming to the Regent Theater this Tuesday night.

Catch new episodes on HBO Friday nights @11pm.


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