HorrorBurgers Episode 3: Stranger Things Season 3 w/ Nurse Jenny + Grill ‘Em All

SPOILERS!!! If you haven’t finished season 3 yet… we love you, but go away. And come back when you’re done. SPOILERS!!

Sittin’ down with Nurse Jenny to talk Stranger Things Season 3 over Grill ‘Em All Burgers. Anhel cracks season 4 plot, Jenny is all about a Jumanji mashup.

Our order:
Dee Snider on a waffle bun (*totes spelled this WRONG in the video, sorry Dee!)
For The Win w/ veggie patty on a waffle bun
Handcut fries
Slurpees (cherry + blue raspberry for Anhel, cherry + coke for Jenny)

IG @HorrorBurgers

There was way too much to cram in here, (that’s what she said) so if you notice us skipping some major stuff…. it was in there and ended up on the cutting room floor. Twas a brutal, bloody but honorable battle. Enjoy, and please tell us yout favorites/theories, etc.





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