Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2019 – Live Horror Entertainment Titans Join Forces for an All New Experience

Ten Thirty One Productions is joining forces with Plague Productions and Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group to revamp the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, bringing a whole new experience for 2019.


Long Beach (August 4th, 2019) – “We wanna’ build cool shit that people want to see.”
-Jon Cooke

This Fall, Los Angeles Haunted Hayride joins forces with Thirteenth Floor Entertainment and Plague Productions to welcome you to Midnight Falls. A town where it is always Halloween 1985, and they are forever celebrating their thirteenth annual Halloween Festival. Midnight Falls will offer four main attractions, the Midnight Mortuary – offering open house tours designed to give a “traditional” haunted house feel. Trick Or Treat, where visitors will experience a town inhabited by monsters celebrating Halloween which of course means.. monsters masquerading as… other monsters. Just like us, some of these monsters create home haunts to celebrate. These homes are designed specifically to reflect the monsters who lives there, but of course that monster has decorated for Halloween, which gives us a monster within a monster, creating a world within a world. Roadkill Ranch will be on the outskirts of town and of course, the main attraction… the hayride itself.

The creator of the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, Melissa Carbone is a New England native. Growing up in a place where Fall hayrides were an annual tradition, she became a home haunter in her Westwood neighborhood and when that grew to massive proportions, she decided to bring the hayride tradition to the public, in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. That was eleven years ago, and the haunt is going stronger than ever. As Carbone described it, after a decade, any creative endeavor can benefit from fresh eyes and a creative collaboration. I could write ten articles on how fuckin’ cool Carbone’s backstory is, I’d actually really love to interview her… in the meantime, her backstory is cool enough to fill a book… so she wrote one.  Her main concept at the inception of the hayride, “Take a bunch of Los Angelenos, stick ’em in the woods at night and annihilate them.” Sometimes the most genius ideas are seemingly the most simplistic. Can’t wait to check out this year’s Haunted Hayride. Here’s a little sneak peak of some of what Midnight Falls has to offer…


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