Damsels of Destruction Crashing Against Breast Cancer – Demolition Derby in Support of Susan G Komen Foundation

I’ve always wanted to witness a Demolition Derby. The closest I’ve ever been to one was standing outside an amphitheater at the fair while catching the tail end of a derby in tiny glimpses. So imagine this HorrorGirl’s delight when I went to the OC Fair and realized there was a demolition derby that very night! Not only was it a demolition derby, it was an ALL FEMALE demolition derby. Not only was it an all female demolition derby, but it was a charity event raising money for the Susan G Komen Foundation. For those of you who don’t know, my Mom beat the shit out of breast cancer this year, finishing her treatment just last month… and my kickass aunt is currently beating the crap out of it. It’s always been an important cause to my family and me, now it’s extra personal for us all. Now, I wish I could say this badass charity derby was the reason I was at the fairgrounds in the first place… But it happened to be a happy, very lucky accident. Or maybe… fate.


The derby was all the insane amazingness I could ever hope it would be and then some. The cars were decked out, the drivers were badass, and the whole spectacle was a hell of a lot of fun.  As the drivers made their way into the arena, it was all very Mad-Maxian with the pageantry of the cars and the outfits. I cheered and yelled and “ooh’d” and “aah’d”, I threw my hands in there air, I gasped and I was overall blown away as the cars made their way around the track crashing and circling around. At one point a small fire broke out in one of the engines, luckily everyone was safe, it was quickly extinguished and the derby continued. One of the cars seemed to bleed pink glitter, as the trunk went from sedan to increasingly more of a hatchback, the trail of pink glitter littered the mud. It was an action packed night and one hell of a show. Grateful for these women going out there and raising funds to find a cure while they crash and bash for our enjoyment. Congratulations to all the drivers and their teams! Can’t wait for the next one!


Let’s spread the word about these amazing women doing amazing things for a wonderful cause. Go like and follow all their social media pages. Donate, sponsor… and… convince them to let me be a driver next year. HorrorGirl in car #3 for Damsels of Destruction Demolition Derby 2020!

Damsels of Destruction Facebook 
Damsels of Destruction Instagram 



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