Sinister Pointe’s Spirit Lounge is a Horror Oasis in Unassuming Downtown Brea

Perched high above downtown Brea, an eerie green glow can be seen cloaked in a canopy of mossy leaves and mist. To a keen ear, the spooky soundtrack that trickles out to the street below can be followed a la Toucan Sam style to a horrific oasis. This is the Sinister Pointe Spirit Lounge. The Nun from The Conjuring universe serves holy water from behind the bar and sprays you down with it. A decrepit butler by the name of Grimsby shuffles about, sweeping and dusting table tops, cobwebs and even patrons. The decor is immediately immersive. Roving actors make the ambiance. Bartenders in theme serving up cocktails inspired by horror favorites, (different cocktails at different bars, means there’s lots to try if your liver and your wallet can handle it). I opted for the Killer Klowns, hand crafted by none other than Beetlejuice herself. It was tasty and came with a bonus snack.

High quality props and decor are abound, some utilizing various effects. I don’t want to give away too much here as so much of the fun is in discovering all the lounge has to offer throughout its various nooks and crannies. The video below contains some spoiler-ish footage, so be forewarned. And go book your tickets now. The Spirit Lounge will be haunting Brea through Sept 1st.

Special thanks to Vamp Jenn for being the first to tell me about this way back when it was first announced, check out her experience here

And a big ‘ol gratitude filled shoutout to Battle Forged Alliance and Cranked Up Films  for setting me up with some new gear for that crispy crunchy oh-so-clean sound for your earhole pleasure!




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