Netflix Watch Party! Friday 3/20 8:30PM Pacific Time

Hey creeps! Looking for ways to still engage while social distancing. One of my favorite things to do is throw movie nights and host watch parties with my friends. So… in this new world order I thought we could give this virtual version a go. Watch a horror movie separately but together. You’re all invited.

  1. You’ll need to be using Chrome on a laptop or Desktop computer
  2. Go to and install the Chrome extension
  3. I’ll post the URL here. Click the link below to join the party, movie @ 8:00




First watch will be Friday the 13th (2009) because I still haven’t seen it!


One thought on “Netflix Watch Party! Friday 3/20 8:30PM Pacific Time”

  1. If you have been planning to have a movie night with that long distance special person or you are searching for a platform to watch movies with your friends online.


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