Terrorific Tales – Jess Hagemann’s “The Purple” HorrorGirl Problems Podcast Episode Fifteen

Welcome back to our Half-Assed Halloween party, let me tell you a story. This week your treat is Mothers and monsters in a beautiful allegorical fantasy by the brilliant Jess Hagemann. This one ran me straight through to the core, extremely my jam.

Headcheese author, Jess Hagemann visits the HorrorGirl Problems half-assed Halloween party with the exclusive premiere of her short story “The Purple”.

Find Jess and more of her work: jessicahagemann.com
Twitter: @jhagema1

And you can always find me here:
Twitter: @HorrorGirlProbs
IG: @ itsanhel

Audio only is on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever you find your favorite podcasts


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