A Creepshow Holiday Special Delivers One Glorious Joy-Filled Hour of Horror + Laughs

There’s a killer on the loose in Neighborville, only comes out when the moon is full

The comedy in A Creepshow Holiday Special is so insanely on point. A healthy dose of “Dad jokes”, puns and dark humor weaved effortlessly together with real horror. A whole new mythology created for creatures, characters and tropes of familiar lore turned upside down on its head in a way that totally checks out, “yeah, I buy that.” This is just oozing and seething with one hundred percent FUN. Absolute escapism for one joy-filled hour. I do not say this lightly- this was extremely my jam. Something here for non-horror fans and casual horror fans alike. And if you’re an avid horror hound… prepare to REJOICE in the sheer cleverness presented in a gift wrapped cornucopia of easter eggs.

Adam Pally and Anna Camp hilariously lead a cast of characters with unique abilities in this wild holiday ride. Hunker down, grab some Santa cookies and settle in for your first Shapeshifters Anonymous meeting.

The hour long special hits Shudder Friday, December 18th


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