Shaffer’s Sanguine Soaked Secret Santa Is the Perfect Holiday Tale For 80s Horror Junkies

What’s that you say? A mashup of glorious 1980’s horror and a generous helping of holiday cheer? I’m in! When Lussi starts her new job at a prestigious cutthroat publishing house, she is tasked with finding the new Stephen King- and fast. Targeted by a series of pranks, the hazing culminates with a very strange secret Santa gift. Suddenly horrific accidents are taking place all around Lussi and she suspects the bizarre present is somehow related.

I devoured this in a single sitting, Shaffer offers up a perfect blend of horror and comedy, and refreshingly utilizes an often overlooked/untapped element of horror to bring to life a fun and original story. Trust me when I say this sanguine soaked Santa story makes the perfect gift for the slasher fan in your life.

Grab a copy of Secret Santa and find out… WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!

Author Andrew Shaffer will be doing a virtual BYOB reading TOMORROW Thursday, December 17, 2020, 07:30pm – 08:30pm ET

“Bring your own beverage and zoom in to meet the bestselling humorist, screenwriter, and author of Secret Santa, a mashup of 1980s horror and holiday cheer. Audio will later air on SPL’s podcast, Turn the Page.”

No registration required.

Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 996 6262 6114


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