In Search Of Darkness Part II: More Than “Gruesome Stupidity”

Beloved horror icons talking about beloved 80’s horror classics. That’s enough to sell me on this, but if you need more reasons…

If you’re a fan of In Search of Darkness, this is a no-brainer. If you haven’t yet seen In Search of Darkness but you’re a fan of 80s horror, go watch In Search of Darkness and then watch In Search of Darkness II (You can actually even watch the second one first if that tickles your fancy). If the first movie was a primer to 80s horror, this extension allows for a deeper dive into some more beloved classics, covered by interviews with equally beloved horror icons.

This sequel is a seamless continuation of the original installment. Basically there was way too much good shit to fit into the four hour original, so now we get a second installment. And in no way do these feel like “leftovers” or something cobbled together off the cutting room floor. It’s every bit as enjoyable as the first.

Also….. THERE’S A WHOLE GIALLO SEGMENT *cue technicolor head explosion* That in itself is reason enough for me, but there is truly so much wonderfully great stuff here.

In Search of Darkness Part II is running a flash sale through midnight, Valentine’s Day, so hashtag treat yo’ self and snag this sweet package!

In Search of Darkness: Part II Flash Sale Package includes:

  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Blu-ray w/ slipcase, reversible cover label, and booklet
  • 3 exclusive In Search of Darkness: Part II posters (16.5” x 23.4”)
  • Collectible enamel pin (while supplies last)
  • In Search of Darkness: Part II digital edition
  • In Search of Darkness digital edition
  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Soundtrack and score (digital download)
  • ISOD Discord Community season pass


And here’s an interview with Fangoria’s Editor in Chief Phil Nobile Jr. chatting with Director David Weiner about ’80s horror and part 2 of the IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS documentary:


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