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Calling All Children Of The Candy Corn!

Candy Corn Crew, unite! Gather ’round children of the candy corn! Candy corn gets a bad wrap, but there are those of us who know it is THE treat of the season. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to identify other candy corn lovers out in the wild?” Well, here it is, wear it loud and proud, 1-inch enamel pin for those in the know. Are you a brow-beaten member of the most royal order? An appreciator of the sweet saccharine, one-true-corn?

Get those pre-orders in so we can get these out before Halloween. Pins are live on the HorrorGirl Problems Etsy Shop.

Gayly Helpful: We All HAve Scissor Hands Pride Fundraiser

This is the most personal thing I’ve ever shared publicly and the support so far has been wildly overwhelming. I hope these words find their way to whoever may need to read them.

Donation link is not on my article page but HERE IT IS! Please donate if you can!

LGBTQ+ Representation In Modern Horror HGP Podcast Episode forty-one

Happy Pride! Today we continue a bit of last week’s convo, jumping into modern representation- where it’s at, and where we’d like for it to go. Welcome back some amazing panelists from the previous episode along with a few more awesome guests, sharing their experiences.


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Queer Horror Panel – The Characters We Identified With

Happy Pride! Today I’m joined by an entirely kickass panel of creators I greatly admire, talking about queer representation in horror. Specifically – where we saw ourselves, the characters we identified with and how those options have (slightly) broadened.

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Please donate to the Transgender Law Center

Learn more about Gayly Helpful
(I’ll give you my answer to the question I posed to this awesome panel in my Gayly Helpful article later this month)

Happy Pride 2021!

Happy Pride from your friendly neighborhood horror girl, proudly putting the L in LGBTQ+

All month long Gayly Dreadful is running Gayly Helpful with loads of guest writers and Twitch streamers, raising money for The Transgender Law Center, two new articles a day so be sure to check that out and donate if you can! I’ll have an article there later this month and am excited to check out everyone else’s work.

Fangoria Pride Shirts are now up on the Fright Rags website, limited edition tie dye shirts are selling out fast, and the classic pride shirt is available for pre-order until 6/8. I’m also giving one away on Twitter on 6/7 so check Twitter for entry details.