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Monster Hunter Interview w/ Paul W.S. Anderson + Milla Jovovich For Fangoria

I watched Event Horizon and Resident Evil in theaters so many times I lost count. My family still quotes “multipass” on the regular. So to say I was pretty stoked to talk to Monster Hunter‘s Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich would be a bit of an understatement. To say they were insanely lovely, fun, charming and wonderful would be a disservice to how great they are. I had a blast doing this, I hope you have a blast watching. Check out Monster Hunter if you want to have a hell of a lot of fun and truly escape the real world for 105 minutes.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood HorrorGirl

Convo x Fango Deathcember – Wednesday December 2nd 4pm PST

Gather round, cozy in with some milk, cookies and eggnog as we sit down to talk about scoring the new holiday horror anthology Deathcember. Composer Andrew Scott Bell and filmmakers Sam Wineman and Vivienne Vaughn live on your screens, moderated by yours truly.

Wednesday, December 2nd 4pm PST

Click the link to register for this free zoom panel:

Convo X Fango Director’s Panel w/ Zoe Lister-Jones, Steven Kostanski, Adam Egypt Mortimer, Shawn Linden, Chris Landon, and Alastair Orr

Got to moderate this sweet Fangoria panel with Directors I really admire. The Craft: Legacy, The Void, Daniel Isn’t Real, Hunter Hunter, Freaky, House On Willow Street… oh just some of the absolute best offerings in modern horror! Gather round for a chat with the creators of some of my favorite genre films in recent years. Thanks to Fango for having me and thanks to all these wonderful directors for a really fun chat.