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HorrorBurgers Episode 6: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark… The Movie

HorrorBurgers Episode 6: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark… The Movie


Little brother Marky joins me for In ‘N Out and Scary Stories talk.

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HorrorBurgers Episode 5: Culture Shock

Welcome to HorrorBurgers Episode 5: Culture Shock! Spoilers in this one, so be forewarned. If you haven’t watched Culture Shock already, get thee to Hulu immediately and stream it, stat.


Directed by the phenomenal Gigi Guerrero, written by Efren Hernandez, James Benson and Gigi Saul Guerrero.

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HorrorBurgers Episode 4: Rated R Horror Speakeasy + Tops

HorrorBurgers Episode 4: Discussing the magicalness that is The Rated R Horror Speakeasy and a little sneak peak inside (without spoiling the magic) LA’s coolest horror themed pop-up bar.

Today’s burger: Cheeseburger from Top’s.

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HorrorBurgers Episode One: Annabelle Comes Home w/ Guests Marilyn and Marky (No Spoilers)


Welcoming my little brother and sister for the first installment of HorrorBurgers! We discuss Annabelle Comes Home (Spoiler free) and work on our pronunciation.

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Stranger Things Upside Down Whopper


Trying out the Stranger Things Whopper from Burger King, and letting you know about the birth of *insert dramatic drumroll here* HorrorBurgers. A new endeavor into the world of horror wherein we eat burgers and talk horrors. Follow on IG @HorrorBurgers and Subscribe on Youtube