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HorrorGirl Problems x ShoutOutLA Interview

I had the opportunity to chat with ShoutoutLA a couple months back and the article is now live on their site. Thanks so much for having me and letting me talk about horror, community, representation and my fave spots in my beloved city, it was an honor. You can check out the full article HERE.

Here’s a small preview of the article:


Harbinger – An Original Screenplay By Marco Mannone Offering A New Perspective On An Old Favorite

I had the privilege of reading this script and it’s one of those concepts that is so perfect it seems it should have been done a thousand times before. The best ideas tend to feel this way, and the best ideas tend to have me kicking myself for not thinking to do the seemingly obvious. Fully experienced both of these while reading. Marco’s script oozes with heart, and while it does pay tribute to all the beloved slashers so close to our collective horror-loving-hearts, it delivers a hell of a lot more than nostalgia. By the end, I was choked up and my heart strings had been effectively tugged. Can’t wait to see the kill scenes on screen. Take a look at this pitch video and let the excitement commence.

Twitter: @MarcoMannone

Watch 2021 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards Pre-Show + Full Awards Ceremony

Wow! What a wonderfully wild week and a most magical night. I don’t know if I will ever return to my body after this out of body experience. Getting to chat with so many people I respect and admire greatly… well let’s just say I’m still scraping my brain matter off the walls and attempting to stuff it all back into my skull. Eternally grateful.

Thank you to Fangoria for inviting me to be part of this. Big thanks to Gigi Saul Guerrero, Barbara Crampton, Josh Stolberg, Travis Stevens, Sarah Lind and Sam Zimmerman. And thanks to everyone who tuned in, sent lovely words of support, kept the chat fun and lively, it was great to see so many familiar names on the feed. I wish I could go back and read all the comments but apparently I would have needed to do a screen recording for that to happen!! If you missed the pre-show live stream you can check it out here:

And if you missed the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards (or if you just want to rewatch it like I have maybe a few times now) you can check that out on YouTube. I believe it will also be on Shudder at some point. What a production! Congrats to everyone who pulled this off, I know it delivered a straight shot of glee to my guts and the sentiment seems to be overwhelmingly similar. David was an incredible host and it was so much fun to watch the presenters and winners videos. Congratulations to all winners, nominees, and each and every person behind the scenes, pulling off this awesome show.

The 2021 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards hosted by David Dastmalchian with presenters Jamie Lee Curtis, Keith David, Kevin Smith, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Doug Jones, Biqtch Puddin’, and more! Directed by Xanthe Pajarillo.

It’s Chainsaw (Awards) Season, Baby!

We are halfway to Halloween and just over a week away from the 2021 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards! Awards shows are severely lacking blood and bits, so I’m looking forward to satiating my hunger for all that is cinematically sanguine. Click here for details on how to watch The event will be streaming live on Shudder, April 18th 5PM PT.

To get you in the mood and prep your palates, I’ll be hosting a LIVE Fango x Convo panel on April 14th 4PM PT,  diving into the history of the Chainsaw Awards with Fango legends Tony Timpone, Mike Gingold, Rebekah McKendry and current EIC Phil Nobile Jr. Click here for full details + to register for the zoom panel

HorrorGirl Problems Patreon

I always shoot more content than I actually use, and that stuff just ends up buried on hard drives. So instead I’m going to let it live on Patreon, for anyone who cares to partake. Mostly additional photos from photo sets I post on socials and BTS videos. If this becomes a thing, I’ll expand on the content that’s hosted there. In the meantime, first BTS video is up- getting ready and makeup removal for a Valentine’s Day themed photo set. HorrorGirl style, obviously.

HorrorGirl Problems Shop Launch

Sometimes when shit is falling apart and I’m feeling all but helpless, it helps me to throw myself into making things. Sometimes I’m zapped of that desire, but when it’s there… it really is a nice escape. So here’s the result of that angst channeling itself into creation. Hope you like-minded creeps find something here you enjoy.

I present to you: HorrorGirl Problems – on Etsy

Socially Distanced SoCal Haunts for October 2020

Like everything else this year, Halloween will look quite a bit different. No, Halloween is not cancelled, ya’ spooky bitches. It’s a lifestyle. A frame of mind. A way of existing in the world. And for those of you who embrace that spirit in October alone, you can still embrace it for 31 days in 2020. Haunts as we have come to know them, however, are most definitely cancelled. BUT there are some new reimagined haunt experiences happening and I will compile a list here. This is all new so at this point I obviously cannot vouch for the safety or the awesomeness of the haunts listed below. But take this information, check out each haunt’s specific safety precautions, grab your masks and maybe go get the hell scared outta you in your car. Everyone is hungry for haunts and they are in limited supply, so I’d advise you to jump on tickets quickly if you find something you like because this year more than any other, demand far outweighs supply.

Urban Legends drive through experience @ OC Fair and Event Center October 1st – November 1st Starting at $49.99 per vehicle. 45 min experience

Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience @ TBD Downtown LA Tickets released August 26th @ noon. $59 per vehicle. Over one hour experience

Twisted’s Beyond Baroque Haunt @ The Huntington Library

La Haunted Hayride  Drive-Up Experience @ San Dimas Select nights September 25th – Nov 1st. Tickets starts at $49.99 for two people

The Bite LA Halloween Food Crawl + Creature Safari @ Legg Lake includes 8 Bites, campfire dessert, fall-favorite warm beverage and immersive entertainment and since this will all be enjoyed from within your vehicle… there will also be a car costume contest. Experience lasts just over an hour. Early bird tickets start @ $105 for 2 person car, $39/person for 5-person car. Prices increasing soon.

Into The Black @ Rancho Cucamonga Walk-through haunt “Follow in the footsteps of a paranormal investigative team as they explore the infamous “Black House”- an eerie Victorian mansion that once housed a family notorious for Devil Worship. Are you brave enough to explore the Black House? Groups of 1-2 guests will be allowed to venture Into the Black and to discover what lies within. After you survive the “Black House” you will immediately enter the macabre Haunted Market featuring dark and spooky vendors.” October 1st-31st Tickets start @$25

Corona Haunt  This is a FREE event, reservations are sold out but it is possible to join a “virtual line” for standby. (No actual physical standby line this year) October 22-25 + 29-31

*Family Friendly Nights of the Jack Drive-thru @King Gillette Ranch October 1st – November 1st. Tickets start at $69/ per vehicle. “Expect to see some larger than life pumpkin installations as well as detailed artist depictions of your favorite movie stars, sports heroes and animated characters.” 25 min experience

*Family Friendly Haunt-O-Ween Drive-thru experience @ Woodland Hills October 9th-31st $70 per vehicle (includes a pumpkin of your choice, candy, video op, “photo friendly environments” 25-35 min experience

UPDATE 9/21 Reign of Terror walk through has been cancelled for the 2020 season 😦

For the Love of Horror: Calendar for Creeps – HorrorGirlProblems Approved Horror Happs February Edition

Love in in the air… and by that of course, I mean a love for the macabre. If you’re fiending for February spookiness, take a look…
I’ve got you covered with some spooky sexy shit.

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Twisted Minds Gremlins Tribute Haunt Visit and Review!


Twisted Minds Productions Gremlins Fan Tribute Haunt is AWESOME! Review and a little sneak peek of the haunt in action. December 20-22nd, 6-9:30pm. It’s free but if you want to skip the line like a VIP, make a donation and reserve your spot.

417 Terrill Ave Los Angeles 90042

Follow @OfficialTwistedMinds on IG for details and updates

And more HorrorGirlProblems at:
IG: @itsanhel
Twitter: @HorrorGirlProbs