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Raise A Pint To Exsanguination! Boys From County Hell Writer-Director Chris Baugh HGP Podcast Ep 36

Absolutely raucous in all the best ways. Ancient Irish vampire lore and excessively fun, gruesome gory bits! Take what you think you know and throw it out the window. Writer-Director of Boys From County Hell, Chris Baugh joins us today to talk about his new film now streaming on Shudder!

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HorrorGirl Problems: Fangoria Chainsaw Awards The Morning After w Director Xanthe – Podcast Ep 35

Xanthe Pajarillo is here fresh off directing the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Join as us we chat the challenges of virtual production, trials and triumphs and ultimately – the importance of making the most of what you’ve got!

Did you miss the live stream? You can check out both the pre-show and the big event in this post

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HGP Does SXSW: Stuffed (Short Film) Interview with Theo Rhys + Joss Holden-Rea

Right off the bat I was pulled in with a series of shots and a color scheme that I can only refer to as macabrely comforting. This darkly comedic, whimsically macabre tale is actually quite tender. A love story for the misfits of the world. For those who “crave something greater”. Existential woes and the impact, the legacy, we leave behind explored through an extreme lens.

I had the opportunity to sit down for a quick chat with writers and director of the amazing short film- Stuffed, Theo Rhys + Joss Holden-Rea. A dark and tender love story, seamlessly blending elements of Norman Bates and Sweeney Todd.

Catch Stuffed at SXSW 3/16

Twitter: @JossHoldenRea @Thideodrome


Trailer: STUFFED from Theo Rhys on Vimeo.

Horror In Session: Don’t Fucking Eat That

There is something uniquely wonderful about introducing a friend to a beloved and treasured favorite film. When the friend actually *enjoys* aforementioned movie… a very specific joyful alchemy occurs, perhaps even resulting in a moment of actual genuine euphoria. What’s the opposite of gatekeeping? Sharing. An invitation. A welcoming to come on in, pop some popcorn, a proverbial patting of the seat take to join in- let’s watch this weirdly wonderful thing together. That is the entire premise of Horror In Session.

A genre enthusiast and a genre newbie discuss beloved horror films. I had the wonderful opportunity of guesting on this week’s episode, with me I brought three of my most beloved films from a subgenre that has really and truly permanently scarred me. A little something I like to call “Don’t Fucking Eat That!” because that’s the way the alarms in my head sound off in random situations thanks largely in part to these three films discussed. And I must say I take great pride and joy in going three-for-three, stamp of approval, these movies were thoroughly enjoyed!

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Episode Twenty Seven: The Vanishing At Cecil Hotel

It’s a true crime episode today, as we talk about the new Netflix documentary Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel, which centers on the 2017 case of Elisa Lam. A few exciting announcements for you, also I have strong feelings about Valentine’s Day.
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Latest Fangoria Convo chatting with the lovely and legendary Barbara Crampton , Sophie Stevens, and Ludovic Hughes from SACRIFICE.