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Celebrating The Godmother of Goth – Mary Shelley: A Nightmare Wakes Episode Twenty Six

In this week’s HorrorGirl Quickie we are celebrating the Godmother of Goth! The one and only, Mary Shelley. Talkin’ about Nora Unkel’s gothic drama A Nightmare Wakes, which focuses on Shelley’s life during her creation of Frankenstein– now streaming on Shudder. Also talking about the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival going on riiiinowwww!

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Podcast Episode Twenty Four: Dario Argento’s Phenomena

Happy Giallo January and welcome to Swiss Transylvania! (Wow, it’s windy here and the music is really really good.) Suspiria is one of my favorite movies of all time so today we are diving into the other “is it a giallo/is it not?” Argento classic… Phenomena. No, I’m not breaking down whether or not either of these movies are giallo, just simply celebrating the weird wacky wonderfulness of Phenomena. Let’s gooooo!

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Episode Twenty Three: Harbingers Of Joy Best of 2020

Very excited about this episode! Best of 2020: Harbingers of joy, with a whole lotta’ help from some very special fiends. Audio podcast version will be up later, video is live on the YouTubes:

Surprise! And Happy New Year. In the first episode of the new year we dive into my top ten picks of 2020 with a whole lotta’ help from some very wonderful fiends. Familiar faces and all the horrific goodness abound! Rent + Stream any blind spots on this list! Guaranteed good time.

And give these fine folks a follow, each has an incredible body of work to dive into:


The Pale Door w/ Aaron B. Koontz Podcast Episode 22

The Pale Door hits Shudder TODAY. Writer/Director/Producer Aaron B Koontz joins us to discuss this wonderfully Witchy Western.

The Pale Door features an ensemble cast including: Devin Druid, Zachary Knighton, Stan Shaw, Melora Walters, Bill Sage, Noah Segan, Pat Healy, Natasha Bassett Screenplay by Aaron B. Koontz, Cameron Burns, Keith Lansdale

Check out The Pale Door TODAY on Shudder and join in on the Scener watch party with cast + crew, this Saturday December 19th presented by Fangoria

Twitter: @AaronBKoontz

Nog For Your Noggin! Holiday Horror with We Bleed Red + Green Author Jeff C. Carter Episode Twenty One

Twelve terrors of holiday horror! All new terrors to chill you as you warm yourself by the fire. Cozy in and listen to short story “Candy Cane” and stay for a chat with author Jeff C. Carter as we talk his new holiday horror anthology We Bleed Red + Green.

Get your copy of We Bleed Red + Green on Amazon

Find more Jeff C. Carter on his website , Twitter @CarterWroteIt and Instagram @JeffC.Carter

Thankful For YOU! Tastebud Torture + Scored To Death II w/ J. Blake Fichera Podcast Episode Nineteen

In this very special Thanksgiving episode J. Blake Fichera, Author of Scored To Death- Conversations with some of Horror’s Greatest Composers + the upcoming Scored To Death II, joins us for a horror score chat and a very freaky Thanksgiving Feast Fest.

(UPDATE 12/1: Order directly from Silman-James Press while Amazon restocks)

Twitter:@ ScoredToDeath

Scored To Death II now available for pre-order + hitting shelves December 1st

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