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HorrorGirl Problems The Podcast: Paranormal Problems Episode Sixteen

Real life specters, oh my!!

Happy Halloweek! As we reach the home stretch, our half-assed virtual Halloween party continues… HorrorGirl Problems presents more real life supernatural tales with Marco + Erica

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Terrorific Tales – Jess Hagemann’s “The Purple” HorrorGirl Problems Podcast Episode Fifteen

Welcome back to our Half-Assed Halloween party, let me tell you a story. This week your treat is Mothers and monsters in a beautiful allegorical fantasy by the brilliant Jess Hagemann. This one ran me straight through to the core, extremely my jam.

Headcheese author, Jess Hagemann visits the HorrorGirl Problems half-assed Halloween party with the exclusive premiere of her short story “The Purple”.

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Horrorgirl problems terrorific tales- Catherine Bell’s “The Doktor” podcast episode 13

Today I tell you a tale. Whimsical and sinister, courtesy of author Catherine Bell. After the story, Catherine joins us for our half-assed Halloween party! HorrorGirl Problems presents…. “The Doktor”.

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Sick and Sombre Tales of Sinister Town is also available on Amazon

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horrorgirlproblems podcast episode twelve: real life paranormal activity

Happy October, creepies!! It’s a month long half-assed Halloween party on HorrorGirl Problems, featuring lots of spookiness (real and fictitious) and loads of costumed guests. Kicking if off today with our first round of real life paranormal experiences with Dez and Jordan. Youtube video is embedded below and you can also find the audio only podcasts linked down below as well.

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Podcast episode ten: It’s all about the Autumnal Equinox, baby

September kicks off Fall, but the upcoming Autumnal Equinox really kicks the season into overdrive.

What happens on the Autumnal  Equinox? When is it? What is the difference between the equinox and solstice? In this ten minute quickie let’s go over what the equinox means, how long it lasts and different belief systems throughout time, from all over the world, centered around this celestial occurrence.

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Podcast Episode Seven: Incidental Actions of Assault. Better Known As: Random Acts of Violence

Spoiler free HorrorGirl Quickie review- Random Acts of Violence now streaming on Shudder


Check out last week’s episode for Jay Baruchel in the flesh. Errr.. audio.