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Podcast Episode eleven: SoCal Haunts

There are still haunts happening! Running through them in this quickie.

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Here’s a link to all the haunts I’m talking about in this episode


40 Days of spooky movies and shows

Happy Autumnal Equinox! 40 days till Halloween, here’s a list of 40 days worth of spooky viewing suggestions. Naturally I had more than 40 movies so there are some double features in here. Keep in mind I said *spooky* not scary. Lots of gateway horror on here and things that personally conjure up Halloween vibes. This is not a deep cuts list, and I tried to stick to movies you could find readily available for streaming. Enjoy!

  1. Eerie Indiana

2. The Love Witch

3. The Burbs

4. Return to Oz

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer + What We Do In The Shadows

6. Clue

7. Psycho + The Birds

8. Re-Animator + Return of the Living Dead

9. Hocus Pocus – If you’ve followed along from day one, this puts us at October 1st and what better way to get into the mood than with the Sanderson Sisters?

10. The Addams Family

11. The Monster Squad

12. Over The Garden Wall

13. Are You Afraid of the Dark 2019 mini series + original episodes

14. Death Becomes Her

15. Frankenweenie + Young Frankenstein

16. Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

17. Ghostbusters

18. The Witches + The Worst Witch

19. Paranorman + Coraline

20. Little Shop of Horrors + Rocky Horror Picture Show

21. Scare Package + Creepshow

22. Ernest Scared Stupid + Casper

23. The Mortuary Collection

24. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

25. Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School

26. Teen Witch + Teen Wolf

27. The Lost Boys + The Craft

28. Beetlejuice

29. Double Double Toil and Trouble

30. Mr Boogedy + Bride of Boogedy

31. House On Haunted Hill

32. Practical Magic + The Witches of Eastwick

33. Corpse Bride + The Nightmare Before Christmas

34. An American Werewolf in London + Ginger Snaps

35. HOST + It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Ok this is my one exception to “I said ‘spooky’ not ‘scary'”. HOST is pee-your-pants scary which is why I coupled it with a palate cleanser. You’ve been warned. Proceed.

36. Mad Monster Party

37. Sleepy Hollow the Disney featurette + The Tim Burton live action

38. HalloweenTown Series

39. The Halloween Tree + Something Wicked This Way Comes

A Bradbury double dose because he knows what it is to be Autumn people

40. Trick R Treat + Halloween III

And if you want to carry it over into November or have time for more movies in your day…

Little Monsters, Transylvania 6-5000, Treehouse of Horror

The entire classic Universal Monsters collection, including Abbot + Costello meet the monsters series

Hammer Horror…

All of the Halloween episodes from The Office, Disney shorts Trick Or Treat and Lonesome Ghosts. Vintage Halloween specials are my absolute favorite but I tried to stick to easy to find for this list.

Here are some of my annual watc traditions: The Worst Witch, The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t, Raggedy Ann and Andy and The Pumpkin Who Couldn’t Smile

Happy viddy’ing, ya spooky shits ❤

40 Days of Octivities

Happy Autumnal Equinox, creepies! I’m sure many of you have already begun your Halloween festivities, but it’s time to kick it into high gear. Here are 40 Octivities to fuel you through until Halloween. Some of these are Los Angeles or SoCal based because that’s where I am and many of you are as well. For those of you not in the area, find your local equivalent and if you’re feeling generous, share whatever creepy spots you find in your town. Halloween may be celebrated a bit differently this year, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still social-distance-celebrating the hell out of it!

Would love to see what you guys get up to this season. If you partake in any of these HorrorGirl Octivities please tag #Octivities2020 to share with me!

  1. Spooky Movies + Spooky Snacks

    Here’s a list if you need inspiration. As for snacks, sweet + salty kettle corn with a handful of candy corn tossed in is my favorite. Ween corn. Granted I do this most days, especially in the Fall. But adding it here as a single activity.

  2. Go Halloween decor shopping or make some decorations

  3. Take a Cemetery jaunt

    If you’re in Los Angeles, Hollywood Forever is an obvious choice, but we have more to offer than this ultra famous mecca. Evergreen Cemetery is one of the oldest existing cemeteries in LA, resting place of over 400 carnival workers and circus performers, the Los Angeles Public Library’s first female head librarian, Mary Foy and several other notable graves. Also, did you know several areas of downtown LA are basically a Poltergeist situation? Some of the city’s earliest burial grounds were built in what is now Olvera Street, Cathedral High School and Ramon C. Cortines School. Not all remains were moved to a new resting place as intended and in the Fall of 2010, the remains of at least 100 people were unearthed during the construction of Plaza de Cultura y Artes. Those remains were eventually moved to a churchyard after first being stored in buckets and bags in the Natural History Museum of LA.

  4. Take a walk around your neighborhood to look at Fall leaves and Halloween decor if you’re lucky

  5. Dress up intermittently because why the hell not?

    Slasher Saturdays. Werewolf Wednesdays. Theme out your Fridays, or your Mondays, or your every days because there’s no rules anymore.

  6. Pumpkin hunt!

    Visit a pumpkin patch, or the grocery store… and bring some pumpkins home. Congratulations, your adopted glorious gourds are gorgeous.

  7. Read (or listen to) a scary story

    Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and Shirley Jackson are some of my favorites. I’ll also have some short horror stories coming up on the podcast for your aural pleasure, featuring some kickass authors.

  8. Bake/Decorate Halloween cookies
    (And send me some if you wanna’. But hold the cyanide. Thanks)

  9. Eat/Drink a Pumpkin flavored something
    Extra points if it’s a weird one

  10. Pound some Hot Cider

    You should actually sip it because hot drinks consumed rapidly sounds dangerous

  11. Decorate your home for Halloween 

  12. Send Halloween Postcards or treat packages to your Fiends

    USPS has some wonderfully spooky stamps, just sayin

  13. Make a haunted gingerbread house 

    Well, well, well, if it isn’t Jack Skellington borrowing Christmas traditions and making them spooky

  14. Go Apple picking 

    I didn’t realize there seems to be a lot of hate for this activity, but I’ll just be over here romanticizing the hell out of it and enjoying all the crisp apple goodness

  15. Plan your Halloween Costume!

  16. Recreate a Scene from your favorite horror film

    Grab your camera and re-enact an iconic horror scene, or snap a still

  17. Visit Bearded Lady/Mystic Museum + Halloweentown

    If you can get to Burbank, this little row of multiple creepy stores is like a Halloween Town haven. If you’re not in the area, look up your local creepy small businesses or buy something from the Mystic Museum or Halloweentown website

  18. Short on Body Parts? Dapper Cadaver‘s got you covered

    If you’re looking for some very legit props or decor, check out Dapper Cadaver. Sadly the LA location has closed, but you can still shop online and if you’re in Wisconsin… you’re in luck. Dapper Cadaver now calls Madison, WI home.

  19. Make candy or caramel apples 

    I’m a purist. I go for caramel and I don’t put a lot of shit on mine. Actually, I put zero shit on mine, just caramel. But if that’s your thing, go wild and bedazzle that bad boy. But… with edible stuff. Go nuts with the nuts. Or cookies or sprinkles or whatever it is people put on fancy apples.

  20. Research some creepy local history (and then tell me about it!! Hometown horror is my jam)

    For the LA peeps, there’s a sordid cornucopia to choose from but may I suggest this double feature: Millenium Biltmore and the Sowden House. Not only is the Millenium Biltmore gorgeous, it’s also reportedly haunted and on January 9th, 1946 …allegedly one of the last places Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) was seen alive. (Unrelated, but cool… Ghostbusters was also shot here). The Sowden House is strange and beautiful; designed by Lloyd Wright, and former residence of Dr. George Hodel. Though he wasn’t named as a suspect at the time of the investigation, Hodel is perhaps the most likely suspect in the murder of Elizabeth Short, and it’s likely the basement of this beautiful home was home to some sinister activities. (To learn more about the case and the recent evidence uncovered by Dr. George Hodel’s son, check out Root of Evil podcast)

  21. Does your town have any local horror movie locations? Research it and visit one.

    Again, LA peeps have lots to choose from. Let’s go with some franchise giants, A Nightmare On Elm Street and Halloween. Visit Nancy and Glen’s houses from Elm Street 1428 N. Genesee Ave., Los Angeles. Laurie Strode’s house from Halloween 1115 Oxley St., South Pasadena Channel your inner scream queen and pose with the pumpkin a la Jamie Lee Curtis. The hedge The Shape hides behind is about a mile away @ 1019 Montrose Avenue

  22. Visit Sugarmynt Gallery

    Sugarmynt is a local horror art gallery located in South Pasadena. They’re currently hosting their sixth annual Haunted Haddonfield exhibit. The gallery also does movie screenings in their backyard and The Three Michaels (AKA The Jazz Cartel, a jazz trio comprised of band members dressed in various outfits worn by Michael Myers in the original movie) have been gracing the gallery with their live performances of the movie score. Extra extra bonus- Michael Myers’ house is right next door. If you’re not local, check out Sugarmynt’s website to see the art currently on display and also look into local horror galleries near you.

  23.  Visit a Corn Maze!!!

    Get lost, ya creep! My obsession with corn mazes probably stems from the same origin as the majority of my obsessions. I didn’t have access to it as a kid and I saw it in a whole lot of movies. Which is also probably why I was so drawn to living in an area where so many of my favorite movies were shot. Cinematic romantic at your service.

  24. Bake an apple pie 

    I’ve never done this, but this seems like a good year to give it a go! I’ll show you my apple pie experiment if you show me yours. In my ideal fantasy Fall scenario, I will be attempting this with the apples I literally picked off of the trees from which they grew, with my own hands! But if that doesn’t happen, store bought is cool too.

  25. The Cauldron

    I hope you have some horror themed bars near you because there’s nothing like the ambiance of a horrific watering hole. Was really looking forward to this pre-Knott’s Scary Farm tradition, obviously we have to skip it this year, BUT The Cauldron is still open for to-go orders and patio seating. Go get witchy.

  26. Phantom Carriage Brewery

    Few things in life make me as happy as Phantom Carriage Brewery. While we may not be able to enjoy the spooky ambiance of the Phantom Carriage theater, we can still enjoy their delicious brews to go. Fun riffs on horror titles, and it’s not just a gimmick, they genuinely brew up delicious stuff.

  27. 4th Horseman – Craft Beer, Fine Wine, Apocalyptic Pizza

    Yes, I fully realize we are quite spoiled here with very cool eateries and breweries. If you’re not in SoCal I hope you look into finding and supporting your cool local vendors because I sure as hell want to see all these places thriving so we can visit again when the time comes.

  28. Support Indie Filmmakers and Artists

    Find a local artist you like and share their work/buy something from them.

  29. Take a drive and look at Halloween yard displays

    I believe the official term for this is “yard gawking” or “yawking”

  30. Buy a pumpkin roll or creepy cookie kit from Moe_Sweetz

    These pumpkin rolls are quickly becoming locally famous, get your order in early, she sells out quick!

  31. Try a Homicidal Homemaker recipe

    Head into the kitchen and try your hand at one of Kaci’s creepy recipes. What’s it gonna’ be? Candyman Severed Hand Honeybuns? The Last Drive In Lone Star Beer Jambalaya?

  32. Bob for apples in water or jelly (apparently that’s a thing)

    In my fantasy Fall version, I’m using the apples I picked from the orchard for this activity as well. Also, probs have your own apples and your own apple bobbing receptacle cause you know… COVID. Temporairly gone are the days of deep throating apples, getting them all slobbery and then passing it along to the next person to have a go.

  33. Consume as many pumpkin flavored delicacies as you can in one day

    Ok, I actually really want to see who can document the most pumpkin flavored treats in the course of one day! Also really curious to see what you guys find that’s outside of the typical pumpkin flavored fare.

  34. Carve or decorate pumpkins!

    Show me your masterpiece. My pumpkin last year was the worst I’ve ever carved in my life. This year… sweet redemption will be mine.

  35. Look up haunted locations in your area and take a self guided spooky tour

    For SoCal peeps I was going to suggest the Queen Mary buuut they’re COVID-CLOSED so may I suggest the most sinister Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker) and serial killer Jack Unterweger both took up residence here for a spell. But that wasn’t this property’s only brush with death. Murder in the 20s and 30’s, suicides in the 60’s, and perhaps most famously now… the mysterious unsolved murder of Elisa Lam in 2013.

    Lam was reported missing but it wasn’t until hotel guests complained about low water pressure that the young woman’s body was found in a rooftop water tank. This means, yes… hotel guests were bathing, brushing their teeth and possibly drinking the contaminated water. The surveillance footage from the night Lam went missing is very bizarre, she seems to be interacting with someone we never see. This is one that has really stuck with me over the years, maybe eerily relatable, heartbreakingly tragic and it seems no promising leads as of yet. This haunted hotel has since rebranded as Stay On Main [edit: it looks like it’s currently closed. Not sure if that is temporary or for good] But you can still walk by, peek inside, view the water towers from the street. Cecil Hotel was also the inspiration behind American Horror Story: Hotel, and for good reason. Is it possible for a place to be a virtual vortex of evil? Because if so, this sure seems like a good candidate for Hub of Hell.

  36. Make a spooky terrarium or try another creepy craft

  37. Make a Halloween playlist (or you can listen to mine here)

  38. Drive-though haunt 

    Traditional haunts are canceled but we still have a few drive through haunts in California to choose from! SoCal peeps check out the socially distanced haunts post for a list

  39. Drive-In!

    Grab a blanket and go check out a horror film at your local drive-in theater! Mission Tiki is my favorite SoCal drive-in. As the MutantFam already knows… the drive-in will never die!

  40. Scavenger hunt

Find a pre-made fall themed scavenger hunt or make one of your own based on things in your area. Some ideas- A jack ‘o lantern, or an Anhel frolicking about with a bushel of freshly picked apples.

#Octivities2020 so I can live vicariously through your Autumnal joy! And let me know what other things you do to celebrate the best season in all of creation

Socially Distanced SoCal Haunts for October 2020

Like everything else this year, Halloween will look quite a bit different. No, Halloween is not cancelled, ya’ spooky bitches. It’s a lifestyle. A frame of mind. A way of existing in the world. And for those of you who embrace that spirit in October alone, you can still embrace it for 31 days in 2020. Haunts as we have come to know them, however, are most definitely cancelled. BUT there are some new reimagined haunt experiences happening and I will compile a list here. This is all new so at this point I obviously cannot vouch for the safety or the awesomeness of the haunts listed below. But take this information, check out each haunt’s specific safety precautions, grab your masks and maybe go get the hell scared outta you in your car. Everyone is hungry for haunts and they are in limited supply, so I’d advise you to jump on tickets quickly if you find something you like because this year more than any other, demand far outweighs supply.

Urban Legends drive through experience @ OC Fair and Event Center October 1st – November 1st Starting at $49.99 per vehicle. 45 min experience

Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience @ TBD Downtown LA Tickets released August 26th @ noon. $59 per vehicle. Over one hour experience

Twisted’s Beyond Baroque Haunt @ The Huntington Library

La Haunted Hayride  Drive-Up Experience @ San Dimas Select nights September 25th – Nov 1st. Tickets starts at $49.99 for two people

The Bite LA Halloween Food Crawl + Creature Safari @ Legg Lake includes 8 Bites, campfire dessert, fall-favorite warm beverage and immersive entertainment and since this will all be enjoyed from within your vehicle… there will also be a car costume contest. Experience lasts just over an hour. Early bird tickets start @ $105 for 2 person car, $39/person for 5-person car. Prices increasing soon.

Into The Black @ Rancho Cucamonga Walk-through haunt “Follow in the footsteps of a paranormal investigative team as they explore the infamous “Black House”- an eerie Victorian mansion that once housed a family notorious for Devil Worship. Are you brave enough to explore the Black House? Groups of 1-2 guests will be allowed to venture Into the Black and to discover what lies within. After you survive the “Black House” you will immediately enter the macabre Haunted Market featuring dark and spooky vendors.” October 1st-31st Tickets start @$25

Corona Haunt  This is a FREE event, reservations are sold out but it is possible to join a “virtual line” for standby. (No actual physical standby line this year) October 22-25 + 29-31

*Family Friendly Nights of the Jack Drive-thru @King Gillette Ranch October 1st – November 1st. Tickets start at $69/ per vehicle. “Expect to see some larger than life pumpkin installations as well as detailed artist depictions of your favorite movie stars, sports heroes and animated characters.” 25 min experience

*Family Friendly Haunt-O-Ween Drive-thru experience @ Woodland Hills October 9th-31st $70 per vehicle (includes a pumpkin of your choice, candy, video op, “photo friendly environments” 25-35 min experience

UPDATE 9/21 Reign of Terror walk through has been cancelled for the 2020 season 😦

Spooky (Not Scary) Halloween Viewing to Last All Season

Sometimes you’re in the mood for some happy hearted Halloween goodness minus the horror and gore. As much as I love the horror and gore, I get it! So here’s a list of flicks to get you in the Halloween spirit, even if you’re not a horror hound. And if you are a horror hound… these can still be a lot of fun to round out your October watch list.
These movies will last you longer than a fēowertīene niht,
they may even last you through October’s end.
In the words of one Alex DeLarge…. “Viddy this.”

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Creep LA Haus of Creep: Serving Up Seduction, Art, and Maybe an Existential Crises or Two in a New Totally Immersive Horror Experience

Pretension. Influencers. Artists. The art crowd. It’s hard to tell what is part of the show and what isn’t. Now that… is truly immersive. Welcome to Haus of Creep. A gallery opening gone awry. Continue reading Creep LA Haus of Creep: Serving Up Seduction, Art, and Maybe an Existential Crises or Two in a New Totally Immersive Horror Experience

By The Pricking of My Thumbs…. THE HAUNTS ARE COMING!

Labor Day digs a traditional grave to lay sunshine and beach frolics to rest as our Summer of Screams comes to an end. August offerings provided an appetizer, if you will, for the real meat of the year. September 23rd is the Fall equinox and the fact that the calendar reads “September” at all heralds Autumn in the midst of these hellish temps. So here we go… a list of goodies to launch us into full fledged haunt season. I’ll be updating this, as always. For now… enjoy. Continue reading By The Pricking of My Thumbs…. THE HAUNTS ARE COMING!

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2019 – Live Horror Entertainment Titans Join Forces for an All New Experience

Ten Thirty One Productions is joining forces with Plague Productions and Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group to revamp the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, bringing a whole new experience for 2019.


Long Beach (August 4th, 2019) – “We wanna’ build cool shit that people want to see.”
-Jon Cooke

This Fall, Los Angeles Haunted Hayride joins forces with Thirteenth Floor Entertainment and Plague Productions to welcome you to Midnight Falls. A town where it is always Halloween 1985, and they are forever celebrating their thirteenth annual Halloween Festival. Continue reading Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2019 – Live Horror Entertainment Titans Join Forces for an All New Experience

Summer of Screams 2019


It’s maximum melting weather for us baby vamps, but not to worry… here’s an array of climate controlled activities (many involving darkened theaters), to keep the spooky spirit alive all summer long. Your humble Horrorgirl is LA based, so aside from nationwide movie release dates… this list is tailored for you SoCal Creeps:

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