SXSW – Alex Noyer’s Sound Of Violence: A Marquis De Sade For The Digital Age

If you were to experience true bliss, if you could see heaven- what would you be willing to do to replicate the experience? Ten-year-old Alexis regains her hearing during the brutal murder of her family. Not only is her hearing recovered, but she experiences the sounds visually in gorgeous psychedelic color. The phenomenon is addicting and Alexis spends her life chasing that dragon, so to speak, through her studies in sound and the conducting of violent experiments. Collecting sounds of violence in the hopes of replicating the phenomenon and retaining her hearing, Alexis is willing to go to any length and sacrifice anything in pursuit of her gruesome endeavors. A Marquis De Sade for the digital age.

Sound Of Violence is such a fresh, cool concept and it truly delivers. This movie also has one of my favorite kill scenes in recent memory. Without spoiling it, Alexis is something of a genius, able to create intricate devices and contraptions for use in her sound experiments. One scene in particular centers on a choreographed gorefest that is so wholly original, and true to the movie’s title- the sound is what makes it so highly effective. Alexis is a maestro of violence, completely in the zone, creating through destruction with absolutely unhinged pleasure.

Through these various sound experiments, Alexis gathers these violent clips and incorporates them into experimental music tracks. Thus making the music a very important part of this movie. “What would that possibly sound like?” We get to hear explicitly what that would be, and it would have been easy to cop out on this part, but luckily Alex Noyer opted to take it all the way, fleshing it out and truly brings us into Alexis’ world.

Written and directed by Alex Noyer, starring Jasmin Savoy Brown (Scream 2022), Lili Simmons (Bone Tomahawk), James Jagger (Vinyl) and Tessa Munro (S.W.A.T.)

Sound of Violence makes its world premiere @ SXSW March 18th
Also available in theaters and on demand May 21st.

SXSW 2021: The Thing That Ate The Birds (Short)- Horror On the Moors

South By Southwest (SXSW) Film FestivalThe Thing That Ate The Birds? Yes, of course I’m enticed. Please, tell me. What is the Thing that ate the birds?

Within seconds the tone is set with a starkly elegant title screen and violent violins ramping up to a fever pitch*. A grin spreads wide across my face and I lean in towards the TV, rubbing my hands together diabolically.

Less than five minutes in and I said out loud, to an empty room, “What the fuck!?” and also “Oh god!” We are off to a promising start.

A tension filled, strained marriage set against the backdrop of the expansive North Yorkshire Moors . A groundskeeper and his assistant stumble across… you guessed it another dead bird. It seems it’s been a problem in these parts and when the duo encounters a very likely suspect, (which will inevitably haunt my dreams for weeks to come), head groundskeeper Abel takes action. He’s a real act-first-think-later kind of guy, now is it all well and done or might this come back to bite him in the ass down the line?

There are lots of nice practical fx here; as a whole it is a well done, sinister piece. Fraught with tension through and through, it will likely have you wound as tightly as those screaming strings for the duration of its fourteen minute runtime. Writer/Director team Sophie Mair and Dan Gitsham do indeed provide you with an answer to the query- what the hell ate the birds!? There might be more to fear on the moors than what the phrase typically tends to bring to mind.

The Thing That Ate The Birds premiered as part of the Midnight Shorts collection at SXSW Online 2021

*I don’t in fact know they were violins, but definitely string instruments and I liked the alliteration.

HGP Does SXSW: Stuffed (Short Film) Interview with Theo Rhys + Joss Holden-Rea

Right off the bat I was pulled in with a series of shots and a color scheme that I can only refer to as macabrely comforting. This darkly comedic, whimsically macabre tale is actually quite tender. A love story for the misfits of the world. For those who “crave something greater”. Existential woes and the impact, the legacy, we leave behind explored through an extreme lens.

I had the opportunity to sit down for a quick chat with writers and director of the amazing short film- Stuffed, Theo Rhys + Joss Holden-Rea. A dark and tender love story, seamlessly blending elements of Norman Bates and Sweeney Todd.

Catch Stuffed at SXSW 3/16

Twitter: @JossHoldenRea @Thideodrome


Trailer: STUFFED from Theo Rhys on Vimeo.

Horror In Session: Don’t Fucking Eat That

There is something uniquely wonderful about introducing a friend to a beloved and treasured favorite film. When the friend actually *enjoys* aforementioned movie… a very specific joyful alchemy occurs, perhaps even resulting in a moment of actual genuine euphoria. What’s the opposite of gatekeeping? Sharing. An invitation. A welcoming to come on in, pop some popcorn, a proverbial patting of the seat take to join in- let’s watch this weirdly wonderful thing together. That is the entire premise of Horror In Session.

A genre enthusiast and a genre newbie discuss beloved horror films. I had the wonderful opportunity of guesting on this week’s episode, with me I brought three of my most beloved films from a subgenre that has really and truly permanently scarred me. A little something I like to call “Don’t Fucking Eat That!” because that’s the way the alarms in my head sound off in random situations thanks largely in part to these three films discussed. And I must say I take great pride and joy in going three-for-three, stamp of approval, these movies were thoroughly enjoyed!

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Horror Fans Help OUt: Texas – List of Places To Donate

If you’re looking for ways to help from afar here are various reputable resources I’ve come across- mutual aids, non-profits, etc. Not endorsing any of these, just simply passing along the info assuming you will do your own research before donating. Feel free to message me with more.

Austin Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid Houston

Feed The People Dallas

Houston Food Bank

Austin Disaster Relief Network

Lucha Dallas Venmo @luchadallas

The Way Home

Austin Area Urban League

Funky Town Fridge

Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley

This is a GoFundMe for a family in Texas who lost their home as a neighbor in the building lit a fire to keep warm. The fire spread from that apartment, across the building. Sarah Jane’s Apartment Building Fire

Texas Welfare Check Phone Bank – Beto O’ Rourke is running a virtual welfare check phone bank, calling seniors and helping them find resources to safely get through the next few days. Feb 18th 1-9PM CT (join any time)

In Search Of Darkness Part II: More Than “Gruesome Stupidity”

Beloved horror icons talking about beloved 80’s horror classics. That’s enough to sell me on this, but if you need more reasons…

If you’re a fan of In Search of Darkness, this is a no-brainer. If you haven’t yet seen In Search of Darkness but you’re a fan of 80s horror, go watch In Search of Darkness and then watch In Search of Darkness II (You can actually even watch the second one first if that tickles your fancy). If the first movie was a primer to 80s horror, this extension allows for a deeper dive into some more beloved classics, covered by interviews with equally beloved horror icons.

This sequel is a seamless continuation of the original installment. Basically there was way too much good shit to fit into the four hour original, so now we get a second installment. And in no way do these feel like “leftovers” or something cobbled together off the cutting room floor. It’s every bit as enjoyable as the first.

Also….. THERE’S A WHOLE GIALLO SEGMENT *cue technicolor head explosion* That in itself is reason enough for me, but there is truly so much wonderfully great stuff here.

In Search of Darkness Part II is running a flash sale through midnight, Valentine’s Day, so hashtag treat yo’ self and snag this sweet package!

In Search of Darkness: Part II Flash Sale Package includes:

  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Blu-ray w/ slipcase, reversible cover label, and booklet
  • 3 exclusive In Search of Darkness: Part II posters (16.5” x 23.4”)
  • Collectible enamel pin (while supplies last)
  • In Search of Darkness: Part II digital edition
  • In Search of Darkness digital edition
  • In Search of Darkness: Part II Soundtrack and score (digital download)
  • ISOD Discord Community season pass


And here’s an interview with Fangoria’s Editor in Chief Phil Nobile Jr. chatting with Director David Weiner about ’80s horror and part 2 of the IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS documentary:

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