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German Thriller “Sleep” + Documentary “Hail To The Deadites” [Fantasia Film Festival 2020]

Sleep – Much of the fun in this for me was not knowing exactly where it was taking us. Somewhere between sleep and waking, navigating a beautiful nightmarish landscape, a tale of a mother and daughter and deeply buried secrets. I don’t want to talk about the themes here for fear I will give some of the mystery away. This was absolutely an enjoyable puzzle steeped in elements of folk horror from German director Michael Venus and writer Thomas Friedrich.

Hail To The DeaditesEvil Dead Fans, grab your boomsticks and rejoice! A groovy documentary dedicated to you. Made for Deadites, by Deadites, comprised entirely of Deadites and their creations. Choosing to forgo the usual source material clips, fan-made tributes of all kinds are used instead. Steve Villeneuve travels deep into the world of superfans, exploring why the Evil Dead trilogy is so special to them through conventions and interviews with the trilogy’s icons; it’s groovy.

Sleep and Hail To The Deadites are both available to screen on demand during the run of Fantasia Film Festival, August 20th – September 2nd

Creepy For A Cause – LA Food Bank

Social distancing got you down? Missing your fiends and best ghouls? Cause I sure as shit do. Say hey with a postcard. $4 each (8-pack for $20), shipping included. All profits donated to LA Food Bank.

Venmo @CreepyCousins and include your design choice (Fangs, Ash or Duckie) + your mailing address (make sure you set your transaction to private so your address isn’t visible to everyone). You can also email HorrorGirlProblems33@gmail.com

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I can’t sew and I’m not trained in the medical field, but I can make creepy weird shit so maybe this will help a little. Stay safe out there, fiends.