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By The Pricking of My Thumbs…. THE HAUNTS ARE COMING!

Labor Day digs a traditional grave to lay sunshine and beach frolics to rest as our Summer of Screams comes to an end. August offerings provided an appetizer, if you will, for the real meat of the year. September 23rd is the Fall equinox and the fact that the calendar reads “September” at all heralds Autumn in the midst of these hellish temps. So here we go… a list of goodies to launch us into full fledged haunt season. I’ll be updating this, as always. For now… enjoy. Continue reading By The Pricking of My Thumbs…. THE HAUNTS ARE COMING!


HorrorBurgers Episode 4: Rated R Horror Speakeasy + Tops

HorrorBurgers Episode 4: Discussing the magicalness that is The Rated R Horror Speakeasy and a little sneak peak inside (without spoiling the magic) LA’s coolest horror themed pop-up bar.

Today’s burger: Cheeseburger from Top’s.

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RATED R: A Horror Speakeasy – The Pop-Up Experience Doing Everything Right


Pools of pale yellow light litter the sidewalk intermittently, cast down from street lamps.  HORRORGIRL scans the empty street for an address or signs of life. In the distance she spots a warehouse with a faint neon sign, proclaiming COSTUMES, and makes her way toward it. The silence of the empty night is slowly but surely broken by a a soft mingling of voices and music.


The music is loud, the light- non existent. Horrorgirl crouches low and weaves between dark, narrow aisles of costumes, props and…mannequins? Her breath quickens. Arms slightly outstretched to navigate by touch. The garments create a maze, zig zagging through the darkness….

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HorrorBurgers Episode One: Annabelle Comes Home w/ Guests Marilyn and Marky (No Spoilers)


Welcoming my little brother and sister for the first installment of HorrorBurgers! We discuss Annabelle Comes Home (Spoiler free) and work on our pronunciation.

Send your comments, queries, suggestions. Message if you’d like to be a guest. Make a video of yourself saying “Horror Burgers” better than we can and post/tag the page.

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Time to Play! Child’s Play (2019) Full Trailer is heeeere

As a rule, reboots and revamps are not my favorite. There’s so much new material begging to be made and classics are classics because they fucking rule. This one does look pretty cool, though. Looks like they incorporated enough updated for 2019 elements (smart phone/smart toy terror) to make it fresh but still fun and not deviating from the original too much. What do you guys think?

I Like Scary Movies Experience

Alright, goo goo mucks…. Lots of questions about the I Like Scary Movies Experience coming in! The pictures I was posting on my story are from this,  Click here to get your tickets on their website.  No, it’s not a haunt (no scare actors, nobody popping out to make you crap your pants. Although I did get very startled once, and jumped far enough to give my friends a good laugh). Yes, it’s super cool. Essentially an immersive art installation based on five iconic films. It’s a lot of fun even if you’re just a casual fan. I was probably the biggest horror nerd in our group, but safe to say everyone was enjoying it as much as I was. Heads up: parking around the venue at night time sucks, unless you’re lucky and score a close meter (which we miraculously managed) but the El Rey is right across the street and has $10 valet parking. Scroll down for pictures from the experience, buuuut if you’re in LA and haven’t checked it out… maybe don’t look at the pictures yet, don’t spoil it and surprise yourself when you get there. If you’re not in LA or if you’re not gonna go, orrr if you’re on the fence, then feel free to scroll down and check out some of the pics. Also putting together a video, but that will be short because I didn’t format my card and ran out of space!

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Shockwaves Top Horror of 2018 – Now Watching

Making my way through Shockwaves Podcast’s Top horror films of 2018. Watched some of these throughout the year, but missed out on a good amount of them. The Lists:

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