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Midsummer 2019 HorrorGirlProblems Video Recap

Thanks so much to the entire Midsummer team for having me! Here’s a little peak of what Midsummer 2019 had to offer. Check out the write-up for details and photos. This is THE place to be if you love Halloween, so if you missed this one… plan to be in Long Beach for August 2020! Continue reading Midsummer 2019 HorrorGirlProblems Video Recap


HorrorGirlProblems: Octivities 2018 Edition

Here it is, boys and ghouls! The 2018 comprehensive list of all that is creeptastic and horrorific this September – November! BEHOLD!  The season starts early this year! Keep checking back here, I’ll update this as more Halloween goodness is announced. This Horrorgirl is LA based, so most of these are local. Let me know if you have an LA event you’d like me to add to the list.

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Midsummer Scream 2018 – Second Annual Celebration of Halloween

You scream, I scream, we all scream for Halloween mid-summer. Midsummer Scream‘s second annual convention was a massive success. If you slept on it this year, DO NOT MISS OUT NEXT YEAR. I personally vastly underestimated this con and went for Sunday only. Could have easily spent a full day walking the mazes and attending panels, and another full day attending panels and walking the show floor. The Gold Bat pass would be worth it for the mazes alone, if you’re into that. Which… if you’re attending a Halloween con… I assume you are!

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