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Podcast Episode Two: Lake of Death

July 16th, 2020 – New Norwegian horror hits Shudder! Lake of Death, the name alone makes you want to run barefoot along the wooden dock, launch yourself off the edge into a front flip and splash into the murky waters, doesn’t it? Summerrrr *falsetto* Dive into this quickie and then splash on over to Shudder to stream Lake Of Death.


The Curse of La Llorona – Get Your Eggs Ready

la llorona.jpg

Few things beat a packed theater during the opening weekend of a horror flick. I did not hear very good things about La Llorona and my expectations were fairly low. But… I was pleasantly surprised. Granted, if I had gone to see it two weeks from now without that special sort of energy, I may feel a little differently tonight. But, that’s not the case and I’d say it was a lot of fun. Parts of it felt somewhat formulaic, but the theater was filled with screams, gasps, giggles and collective sharp anticipatory intakes of air, the kind that are only audible because dozens of people are doing it in unison. And for me, that’s always been my favorite kind of horror. The stuff that makes you feel like a kid, sitting in a theater, snacks at the ready, laughing your head off with your friends at whoever jumped the highest or screamed the loudest.

The legend of La Llorona is Mexican folklore, and initially I was confused as to why the lead role was not filled by a Latina. But the storyline made it make sense, and I suppose by having the lead character not be Latina, the audience was explained the legend as the lead character was learning about it in that inevitable expositional monologue.

And now, for some spoilers. Stop here if you haven’t watched the movie yet…

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