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Thankful For YOU! Tastebud Torture + Scored To Death II w/ J. Blake Fichera Podcast Episode Nineteen

In this very special Thanksgiving episode J. Blake Fichera, Author of Scored To Death- Conversations with some of Horror’s Greatest Composers + the upcoming Scored To Death II, joins us for a horror score chat and a very freaky Thanksgiving Feast Fest.

(UPDATE 12/1: Order directly from Silman-James Press while Amazon restocks)

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Scored To Death II now available for pre-order + hitting shelves December 1st

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Horrorgirl problems terrorific tales- Catherine Bell’s “The Doktor” podcast episode 13

Today I tell you a tale. Whimsical and sinister, courtesy of author Catherine Bell. After the story, Catherine joins us for our half-assed Halloween party! HorrorGirl Problems presents…. “The Doktor”.

Find Catherine on Twitter @TheCathyStories and thecathystories.com

Sick and Sombre Tales of Sinister Town is also available on Amazon

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Podcast Episode One: The Beach House w/ Writer/Director Jeff Brown

July 9th, 2020 – Sink your teeth into the first official episode of HorrorGirlProblems: The Podcast! Summer Safely From The Confines of Your Couch – The Beach House with writer/director Jeff Brown is live on Spotify and wherever you satiate your podcast needs.

Theaters are closed and we are hungry for new horror! Check out this new eerie summer Shudder exclusive and listen to director Jeff Brown talk about influences and other creepy stuff. Click the link below to listen on Spotify or search on your podcast app of choice, all one word “HorrorGirlProblems”