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By The Pricking of My Thumbs…. THE HAUNTS ARE COMING!

Labor Day digs a traditional grave to lay sunshine and beach frolics to rest as our Summer of Screams comes to an end. August offerings provided an appetizer, if you will, for the real meat of the year. September 23rd is the Fall equinox and the fact that the calendar reads “September” at all heralds Autumn in the midst of these hellish temps. So here we go… a list of goodies to launch us into full fledged haunt season. I’ll be updating this, as always. For now… enjoy. Continue reading By The Pricking of My Thumbs…. THE HAUNTS ARE COMING!


HorrorGirlProblems: Octivities 2018 Edition

Here it is, boys and ghouls! The 2018 comprehensive list of all that is creeptastic and horrorific this September – November! BEHOLD!  The season starts early this year! Keep checking back here, I’ll update this as more Halloween goodness is announced. This Horrorgirl is LA based, so most of these are local. Let me know if you have an LA event you’d like me to add to the list.

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