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HorrorGirl Problems Does Road Trip Mysteries

Who doesn’t love the open road with a side of macabre murder mystery? Road Trip Mysteries, “an experiential location-based version of storytelling allowing people to explore the open road in the socially distanced safety of their very own automobile.” Ideal for horror hounds, puzzle nuts, true crime aficionados and really anyone looking to get out of the confines of their own home to partake in a little adventure – social distancing style. Part horror podcast/radio drama, part scavenger hunt, part puzzle solving, part true crime, wholly adventurous.

Come along for a little (spoiler-free) sneak peak!


By The Pricking of My Thumbs…. THE HAUNTS ARE COMING!

Labor Day digs a traditional grave to lay sunshine and beach frolics to rest as our Summer of Screams comes to an end. August offerings provided an appetizer, if you will, for the real meat of the year. September 23rd is the Fall equinox and the fact that the calendar reads “September” at all heralds Autumn in the midst of these hellish temps. So here we go… a list of goodies to launch us into full fledged haunt season. I’ll be updating this, as always. For now… enjoy. Continue reading By The Pricking of My Thumbs…. THE HAUNTS ARE COMING!

HorrorGirl Happenings March 25th-March 31st: What We Do in the Shadows, Joe Bob is BACK + I Like Scary Movies Immersive Experience

Viddy this:


What We Do in the Shadows was by far my favorite movie of 2014. I show it to anyone I can, because it’s brilliant and amazing and feels like it still hasn’t fully gotten the recognition it deserves on a wider scale. But then when you meet someone who can quote it with you, I guess it’s sort of like being in a cool little club. But I digress…. the film has now been made into a SERIES, and is premiering March 27th on FX. This time, the documentary crew will be following three vampires in New York, so we’ve got new characters and a new cast but original creators Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi are still behind this which makes me pretty confident it will be nothing short of fucking brilliant and maybe even my new favorite show.


The countdown to weekly Joe Bob is coming down to the final wire… weekly does star THIS FRIDAY, March 29th on Shudder. Can’t wait to partake in all the drive-in goodness!


Go Do This:

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 11.15.32 AM.png

Do you like scary movies? Of course you do, otherwise I don’t know how the hell you ended up here and made it this far down the page. Unless you’re my Mom, (hi Mom!). “An interactive art installation” dubbed I Like Scary Movies, is coming to LA April 4th. A pop-up experience featuring familiar scenes and photo opps from The Shining, It, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice and The Lost Boys. So far the installation is set to run through June 16th, tickets are $39 (+ $5.35 service fee) and you can get them on their website

They’re also giving away tickets on their instagram, so go check that our if you’re feeling lucky, punk.


Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 11.22.40 AM.png

Scum and Villainy is hosting a tasting of the limited Game of Thrones single malt scotches. There are Game of Thrones single malt scotches? Yes, apparently. And you can taste them, April 13th in a Star Wars themed bar for $100-$125. That also includes a Tyrion tiki mug, which is kind of great. Get your tickets here

Horror Happenings March 2019

Your most humble HorrorGirl is presently on a gig that requires being away for most of the week. This translates to less horror viewing and waaaay less horror related event attendances. So, do me a favor. Use this calendar to let me live vicariously through you until I’m back at it full force. And if you tell me about your experience attending one of these events, I’m sure it will help to soothe some of the aching in this little black heart. Missing all you creeps immensely. Continue reading Horror Happenings March 2019

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2018: Trick R Treat Rules the Park


I know Stranger Things is the big headliner this year, but IMHO… Trick R Treat was the real darling of the whole damn thing this time around! For fans of Michael Dougherty’s 2007 epic anthology, the treats start not long after entering the park. A special scare zone and some really great decor await you upon arrival. If you’re a Trick R Treat fan, chances are you’ll lose your shit about T-minus two minutes into your night. Not a bad start. Continue reading Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2018: Trick R Treat Rules the Park

HorrorGirlProblems: Octivities 2018 Edition

Here it is, boys and ghouls! The 2018 comprehensive list of all that is creeptastic and horrorific this September – November! BEHOLD!  The season starts early this year! Keep checking back here, I’ll update this as more Halloween goodness is announced. This Horrorgirl is LA based, so most of these are local. Let me know if you have an LA event you’d like me to add to the list.

Continue reading HorrorGirlProblems: Octivities 2018 Edition